Cotton Ball Therapy

by Cosmic Milkshake Collective

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WARNING: May contain sad songs about opiate withdrawal and long distance love. Solitude advised, dark corner recommended.

"Cotton Ball Therapy" is a retro throwback to the 2010s, recorded in an outer space commune. Featuring: Sergeant Strawberry on clarinet, Kaptain Kiwi on trumpet, and Billy Banana on prozac.

Recorded completely live and lofi - glitches, warts, warbles and all - 2013.


released June 12, 2013

Artwork hand-drawn by Lilla Milkshake. Performed and unproduced by Cosmic Milkshake with his Collective. Mastered by Audiomaster. Songs written and destroyed by some kid from Stirlingshire. Name unknown.

Though this is a lofi release, please support audio fidelity and download the uncompressed FLAC files, or, if you prefer to promote crime, climate change denial and the death of all life on Earth, then choose mp3 @ 320kb/s.



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Cosmic Milkshake Collective UK

Cosmic Milkshake Collective (CMC) is definitely not an overly impulsive singer/songwriter human/kitten making intense and mellow music. It's also not one of those annoying Deadhead nerds. It does, however, enjoy the natural world and currently resides in isolation with Mrs Milkshake.

CMC is completely trippy; it falls over all the time.
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Track Name: Racing Cars > Changing Lanes
Parades down on the boulevard
I could be anywhere, but I don't know
They ride so strange, like they were racing cars
but i'm just walking off the cold 'til she comes back home

And somewhere else she's staring at the walls
I've never felt so small
Feel like nothing at all...

The tracks arrive in the envelopes
but I need telescopes to see out our room
We've moved so fast we've passed by our horoscopes
on the wrong way back to the cardboard moon

And somewhere else she talks of being safe
I've never felt so afraid
Think I could burn without a trace...

So i'll wait for her, i'll wait for her
to run back here to me
I'll wait for her, i'll wait for her
in the way that hurts the least


I saw you changing lanes
in the headlights of cars that I know you'd never chase
You're everywhere these days
You are the one, you are the one

I tore through the town
where I swore I saw your shadow on a wall above the ground
and I wish that I could hold you now
'cause i'm fading on, and we're fading on

What'd they choose us for?

I saw you there in space
in a cloud of broken arrows that the phone cannot replace
I've calculated the days
You are the one, you are the one

What'd they choose us for?
Track Name: Wild Mornings & Baby Steps
I see red skies, i see shame
I see mornings of hating my own fake name
but i see castles and futures when i see the princess in you

I want tired arms and tired lips
I want to hold you when you're feeling so goddamn sick
I want you all for myself because, baby, you drive this little boy insane

And mamá, my thoughts are as crumbled as the cheesecakes we made

Roll me over, push me under
scold me mother, and nurture your child
so tortured and wild

Call me simba, or call me prince
call me all the worst fucking things that you can think
God, your vampire voice drives a stake through my heart when we speak

We need effigies or plastic hands
We need closets for hiding all my codeine when i'm acting like a man
and when your pretty little eyes burn a hole through the skin on my face

You know, i've stopped getting high 'cause your touch gets me higher than space

Roll me over, push me under
Scold me mother, and nurture your child
So tortured and wild

but the mornings are mine, the mornings are mine
the mornings are mine, the mornings are mine
the mornings are mine, I get so fucked up sometimes
the mornings are mine, we all get fucked up sometimes
but the mornings are mine...